- November 2015 -

Note: Dinners will be held at 6:30pm
BEFORE the meetings


November 2, Monday
     6:30PM - Masonic Discussion Group

November 6, Friday
     7:30PM - Stated Meeting

November 13, Friday
     7:30PM - Fellowcraft Degree

November 14, Saturday
     6:00PM - Ladies' Appreciation Dinner

November 20, Friday
     7:30PM - Master Mason Degree

November 27, Friday
     Dark for Thanksgiving Holiday
     No Family Dinner this month

- October 2015 -

Note: Dinners will be held at 6:30pm
BEFORE the meetings


October 30, Friday
     6:30PM - Family Dinner
     Master's Awards

From the Officers – November 2015

From the East

"Are you ready to be Master?"

That’s a question I was asked on any number of occasions around this time last year. My usual response was, “Damned if I know.” And how could I? Not having been a Master before, there was no way for me to tell if I was prepared or not.

I felt the question was the same as asking a father-to-be if he was ready to be a dad. There’s just no way to answer that question with any certainty—no way of knowing until you’re in the midst of it. How can you prepare yourself for something as monumental as becoming a father for the first time? You can read all the books you want on the subject, but they just can’t convey the weight of how your life is going to change. There’s no way to prepare you for the horror that is diaper changing. Or the trials of trying to get the baby dressed and out the door for that “simple” trip to the grocery store, all the while making sure you don’t forget to bring along all the paraphernalia that you need to have at the ready. Getting milk and eggs used to be so simple... but not anymore.

Well, just as a man can’t be sure what to expect before he becomes a father, likewise, how can a man be sure of what to expect when becoming Master of the Lodge? You can read books and study all the ritual work, but until you’re sitting in that chair, there’s just no way to know if you’re truly ready. Every Past Master I went to for guidance told me how much work it was being Master of the Lodge. So, although I “knew” it was going to be a lot of work, it wasn’t until I was in the midst of it that I fully understood.

And if I may step back into the “first time father” metaphor once more... I’m sure I’m not shocking any of you when I tell you that being a parent is one of the hardest jobs in life, and yet, it is a position we actively pursue. I’m not sure why so many of us have this compulsion to create little versions of ourselves, especially when we know what pains we were to our own parents! But still, we do it. We find a wife, then decide through mutual insanity to start a family. As a father of three, I can assure you the question came to my mind more than once: “What was I thinking?!” It is such hard work, fraught with frustration and aggravation.

However, as hard as it is, there’s also no reward like that of being a parent. That first smile. Those first steps. The first time you hear your child call you by name, “Dada.” So, although there are very few jobs harder than that of being a parent, there are just as few jobs which possess such rich rewards.

The same applies to being Master. I’ve asked myself more than once this year, “Why did I seek out this leadership position? What the hell was I thinking...?” But each time the question popped into my head, the answer always came back, “I did it because I wanted to serve the Lodge.” And as hard as it’s been, the rewards have made it worthwhile. I can tell you with complete honesty that it has been a distinct honor and privilege to serve all of you as Master of Vegas 32!

So, now, as I approach the end of my term, I can reflect back upon the question: Was I ready to be Master of the Lodge? And as much as I know what answer I would give, in all honesty, my answer is pointless. The one’s who get to answer the question are you: the Brothers of Vegas 32. For only you can decide if I was truly ready.

I can assure you that I’ve done my best to fulfill my duties, address those issues which I thought needed to be addressed, and handled those problems which arose with as much diplomacy and fairness as I could. I can only hope that my actions met with your favor.

And now—with my term as Master coming to a close—I’m sure Peter is getting asked the same question I was being asked, “Are you ready to be Master?”

To Peter—and all the officers in the line coming up behind him—I fully understand the sense of doubt and uncertainty which comes with trying to answer that question. Only time will tell if you are truly ready. But if you take the position with a true heart and a desire to serve your Brothers, you’re almost guaranteed to do well.

Worshipful Master



From the South

Recent events prompted me to reference Albert Pike's Morals & Dogma on the virtue of Honesty. Here is what he wrote: “That any man be the worse for us, and for our direct act, and by our intention, is against the rule of equity, of justice, and of charity.” (Albert Pike’s Morals & Dogma - Annotated Edition, p. 194)

Junior Warden


From the Secretary

Well, it's that time again where we are sending out dues notices. Remember, you can now pay your dues online via PayPal, or you can stop by the office and pay by credit card. Of course, we will always be happy take your check or cash as well. Please check your card to ensure that you are current.

We will have a second reading and voting on the Resolutions for this Grand Lodge session at November’s Stated Meeting. I am looking forward to this Grand Lodge session and hope that as many of you try and attend.

From the office I wish all of you and your families a very Happy Thanksgiving!



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