5:00pm this coming Tuesday June 21, 2016 - Alexis Park hotel located at 375 East Harmon Avenue. (near Paradise)
PLEASE mark your calendars and attend if at all possible!

The Nevada Grand Assembly of Rainbow will be holding their installation of officers at 5pm at the Alexis Park hotel located at 375 E. Harmon.....I would like a great showing of Masonic support for this event. If you can make it I request that you wear your aprons , Chapter, Council or Commander uniforms. Let's show these young ladies they have our support!

Mark L. Mancha - Grand Master


Note: Dinners will be held at 6:30pm
BEFORE the meetings

- May 2016 -

May 6th, Friday - 7:30PM
     Stated Meeting

May 9th, Monday - 6:30PM
     Masonic Discussion Group

May 13th, Friday - 6:30PM
      Degree - TBA

May 14th, Saturday
     Social hour - 5:30PM
     Dinner - 6:30PM
     See announcement on the Homepage

May 20th, Friday - 7:30PM
     Step up Degree - TBA
     The officer line wil all move up one position      for this degree.
     Note:The Downey United contingent plans to      arrive in Vegas on Friday afternoon. They      are staying at Treasure Island and have      indicated that a number of them will be      joining us for dinner and lodge on this      evening.

May 21st, Saturday
     Downey United Lodge #220
     Official Bi-Annual Visitation
     11:00AM Lodge Opening by Vegas Officers
     12:00PM Lunch
     1:00PM Degree Work TBD
     6:00PM Dinner/Entertainment

May 27th, Friday - 6:30PM
     Family Dinner
     Last one prior to Summer Break

From the Officers – April 2016

From the East

Here it is, May already, the last month of work prior to Summer break.

We have now managed to get several candidates balloted on and accepted for membership. Hopefully this is more than just a flash-in-the-pan and an indication that our Black Ball woes are mostly behind us!

We have made a number of changes to the way we bring Petitioners and Affiliates into our Lodge. ese include a revised investigative process and much better noti cation via the Trestleboard.

Of course members who have concerns regarding candidates seeking to join us are welcome to participate with the investigative committee as they perform their duties or at the very least inform the committee of any concerns to ensure we are as thorough as possible in this process.

On the 18th & 19th of May we will be hosting our sister Lodge, Downey United. They will be joining us informally on Friday the 18th for dinner and to watch our degree work and then on Saturday the 19th the Downey Officers will be conferring a California Third Degree at Vegas 32. This is always a wonderful weekend for us to have the Brethren of our sister Lodge come and hang out with us as we work and play together.

The new “Pipeline” section of the Trestleboard should be populated with real candidates beginning in this issue. Please check out the gentlemen seek- ing to join us and let us know of any thoughts you may have, including any improvements/suggestions you may have upon the process.

Worshipful Master


From the West

I would like to extend congratulations and my thanks to those Brothers responsible for bringing Christopher Hodapp to our Lodge and the Scottish Rite Valley. Brother Hadapp provided perspective on the history of Masonry, as well as insights regarding the future of our fraternity. I’m confident that many of our older Masons found his views enlightening, just as I’m sure his words struck a cord with our newer Brothers who are finding it challenging to make Masonry relevant in their Masonic life. Sharing this enlightening experience with our Brothers from other Lodges may go far in facilitating additional opportunities for cooperative efforts and enable Masonry in Southern Nevada to flourish. Well done.

Senior Warden


From the South

For this month of May, I would like to talk about the officers’ jobs in our Lodge, specifically that of the Tyler.

Our Tyler (Joe Mestruzzo and his assistant Tom Post) are doing such great work and they are so dedicated to their job. They are working in harmony and are really an example for our Lodge.

On the surface it may not look like they are doing much, but if you look a little deeper, I think you would find that the job they are doing is one of the most important in the Lodge; preparing the Lodge for meetings, preparing and dressing the candidates, answering the door, and also guarding and protecting us from any eavesdroppers, and they do it all to serve us and the Craft.

“Well done, thou good and faithful servant! Thou hast been faithful over a few things; I will make thee ruler over many things! Enter thou into the joy of Thy Lord.”

Great job Joe and Tom! Thank you.

In Latin, the term tegere (from which we also get “thatch”) means cover, roof; and tegulae were the tiles, pieces and slabs used for roof-coverings. A Tyler, therefore, is one who makes or fastens on tiles. Since in Operative Masonry the Tyler was the workman who closed the building in, and hid its interior from outside view, the guardian of the entrance to the Lodge was figuratively called by this name. It was once thought that “Tyler” came from the French tailleur, which is a cutter or hewer (from whence we have “tailor”), and it was accordingly spelled “tyler;” that, however, is incorrect, “Tiler” being the correct spelling.

An officer of a Symbolic Lodge, whose duty it is to guard the door of the Lodge, and to permit no one to pass in who is not duly qualified, and who has not the permission of the Master. A necessary qualification of a Tyler is, therefore, that he should be a Master Mason. Although
the Lodge may be opened in an inferior Degree, no one who has not advanced to the Third Degree can legally discharge the functions of Tyler.

As the Tyler is always compensated for his services, he is considered, in some sense, as the servant of the Lodge. It is, therefore, his duty to prepare the Lodge for its meetings, to arrange the furniture in its proper place, and to make all other arrangements for the convenience of the Lodge. The Tyler need not be a member of the Lodge which he tiles; and in fact, in large cities, one Brother very often performs the duties of Tyler of several Lodges.

This is a very important office, and, like that of the Master and Wardens, owes its existence, not to any conventional regulations, but to the very landmarks of the order; for, from the peculiar nature of our Institution, it is evident that there never could have been a meeting of Freemasons for Masonic purposes, unless a Tyler had been present to guard the Lodge from intrusion. The title is derived from the Operative Art; for as in Operative Masonry the Tyler, when the edifice is erected, finishes and covers it with the roof of tiles, so in Speculative Masonry, when the Lodge is duly organized, the Tyler closes the door and covers the sacred precincts from all intrusion.

- Source: Mackey’s Encyclopedia of Freemasonry

Junior Warden


From the Secretary

We are fast approaching the Summer break and we still have a lot of work to do. We are hoping that the parking lot and the projects inside the building will be completed by the end of May. I am hoping that we will not need to do any Super Saturday’s during the Summer months, but, of course that will depend on the amount of proficiencies that will be done before then. So, lets keep our fingers crossed that we all have a nice long Summer break.



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