- October 2014 -

October 3, Friday
     7:30PM - Stated Meeting

October 6, Monday
     6:30PM - Masonic Discussion Group
     - My Obligation as a Freemason

October 10, Saturday
     7:30PM - Entered Apprentice Degree

October 17, Friday
     7:30PM - Fellowcraft Degree

October 24, Friday
     7:30PM - Master Mason Degree

October 31, Friday
     6:30PM - Family Dinner
     Halloween Party! Candy for the kids.
     Come in your favorite costume...!

     9:00AM - Breakfast Club
     Vegas #32 Members Only




From the Officers – October 2014

From the East

Time is quickly passing as we move toward the end of another Masonic year.

September was a great month for our Lodge as we took care of our business and did our degrees. We enjoyed another fantastic family dinner and I’ve got to say that everything has been very well attended.

We also hosted the Grand Lodge Event for the 150th anniversary of Masonry in Nevada. We went all out for the affair and it was maybe the nicest Masonic dinner I’ve ever had the pleasure of attending. We all had a great time even if it was a little warm.

We are going to keep it going in October and we will be giving out the Masters award and other awards at our family dinner this month. Come on out and check out the new dining room. It turned out beautifully and is something we can all be proud of. I look forward to seeing you at the Lodge!

Worshipful Master


From the West

As I’ve gotten older, getting closer and closer to that inevitable moment of my own mortality, I have found myself spending more and more time pondering the most existential questions of life. You know, the usual questions... Why are we here? What is the meaning of life? What is our purpose?

I would love to tell you that I have found true enlightenment and can answer all those questions for you, but in truth, I’m as lost as the rest of us when it comes finding the answers to these deep questions. I have, however, come away from all my ponderings with a few personal answers, and I’d like to share one of them with you:

First and foremost, I believe that we are all connected in some way. Not only physically, but in a more ethereal way, something that is not measurable by physical means. I suppose a less accurate but more socially descriptive term would be “spiritually.”

There have been studies on the benefits of prayer and the apparent connectedness of materials that share no physical connection. Although science has yet to explain the reasoning for these occurrences, the results are there... and they hint at something that is at the moment beyond our collective understanding.

I believe that when you hurt someone else, you are in some way hurting yourself, because you are in some way connected to everyone, including the individual you have harmed. Respectively, the other side of that coin would affirm that when you help someone, support them in some way, that you are in fact helping yourself.

Masonry, in its purest form, is the embodiment of this truth. We are Brothers who have joined together to help one another, not only for the good of the group as a whole, but because when we help each other, we are in fact helping ourselves. And not just in a physical way, but in a deeper, “spiritual” way.

You can help a brother physically by helping him carry a heavy burden, or assisting with a financial difficulty... but the result of that assistance goes far beyond the mere act. The brother you help comes away with his spirit lifted, knowing that there is someone else out there who cares and is willing to help when the need arises. But more than that, your own sense of wellbeing is lifted in knowing that you’ve helped someone out in their time of need. Put simply, it makes us feel good when we help someone else.

So, as we strive to answer the seemingly unanswerable questions about our own limited existence here, I hope you will find some truth in my personal revelation... When you help a Brother, you are helping not only him, but yourself as well.

Looking forward to seeing you all at Lodge, Brothers!

Senior Warden


From the South

This year is racing by as we enter the home stretch, heading for our installation in December.

There was an extraordinary flurry of activity in the week leading up to the family BBQ as “the team” put on a full-court-press to get the dining room fit-for-use in time. This was largely successful with the exception of some minor tile work and other sundry items.

Of course there was also a lot to be done in the kitchen, too. The kitchen—due to its proximity with the dining room—was an innocent bystander to the reconstruction, taking a lot of collateral damage in the form of dust and grime. A goal for the summer was to clean out as well as clean up the kitchen. We were a little over zealous with our clean out activities and some treasures inadvertently went out with the years of accumulated trash, much to the consternation of the trustees!

I would be remiss if I did not again mention the fabulous efforts of the guys who turn up to make things work in the kitchen week after week. After the long summer break the entire team was on the job for the family BBQ, working in unison to make it a great evening.

Hopefully you were able to join us for the September events. If not, and you have yet to see the refurbished Lodge, please come join us in October! I think you will be very pleasantly surprised.

Junior Warden


From the Secretary

We are fast approaching Grand Lodge Session and the end of another Masonic year. This month will be having our first reading of the resolutions for this upcoming GLS. You can find these resolutions on the Grand Lodge website, Also, we will be electing those to represent the Lodge and vote on reimbursements for those representing Vegas Lodge 32.

There will be a celebration of Escurail Lodge No 7 in Virginia City on October 19, 2014. They will be celebrating 150 years of Masonry in their Lodge. We will also, be closing out our books for the Lodge on October 31st. Please do not send your dues in until November 2014. I will be sending those notices out on the first of November 2014.

Lastly, I would like to wish you and your families a very Happy Thanksgiving!



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