- May 2015 -

Note: Dinners will be held at 6:30pm
BEFORE the meetings

May 1, Friday
     7:30PM - Stated Meeting

May 4, Monday
     6:30PM - Masonic Discussion Group
     “The Meaning of Volunteering versus
      Duties in Freemasonry”

May 8, Friday
     7:30PM - Entered Aprentice Degree

May 15, Friday - Dark for Downey Trip
     May 15 - Friday 5:00pm
          Bus Leaves for Downey
     May 16 - Saturday
          Doney Visitation
          Master Mason Degree
     May 17 - Sunday
          Return Trip from California

May 22, Friday
     7:30PM - Master Mason Degree

May 29, Friday
     6:30PM - Family Dinner

- June 2015 -

Note: Dinners will be held at 6:30pm
BEFORE the meetings

June 5, Friday
     7:30PM - Stated Meeting

June 8, Monday
     6:30PM - Masonic Discussion Group

Dark for Summer

July 6, Monday
     6:30PM - Masonic Discussion Group

July 17, Friday - Poker night
     6:30PM - Pizza
     7:30PM - Poker

August 3, Monday
     6:30PM - Masonic Discussion Group

August 28, Friday
     6:30PM - Family Barbeque

September 4, Friday
     7:30PM - Stated Meeting

From the Officers – May 2015

From the East

Well, Brothers, we are going to be making our bi-annual trip to our sister lodge this month. This has become a long tradition for Vegas 32 and Downey #220, and one which most of the Brothers look forward to with a fair level of anticipation.

It is both educational and enjoyable to watch brothers from other jurisdictions perform their ritual. And although the ritual is 95% the same as ours, it seems as if our minds primarily focus on the differences.

It is natural... some would go so far as to say it’s to be expected. After eons of evolution, our minds have become very astute at picking out those things which are different... a necessary trait which allowed our ancient ancestors to better protect themselves from those things which would do them harm. Is that shadow in the tall grass a rock, a predator or potential prey? Is that plant one that will satisfy my hunger, or poison me? Anyone who couldn’t correctly ascertain the difference wasn’t around for long.

In most of life’s situations, this talent for discerning differences serves us well. But there are times when it can also be a disadvantage. The tendency to focus upon that which is different can isolate us, limit us, and restrict our ability to work as a unified group.

As an example, in politics the differences between Republican and Democrat are actually very small when compared to other political systems, such as monarchies, Communism or a dictatorship. And yet, more and more we find ourselves focusing upon the subtle differences and railing against the other side. In religion, most of the mono theistic religions believe in the same god, that of the Jewish god of Yahweh. They all promote teachings of affection towards one’s fellow man, and yet, how many atrocities have been committed throughout history— not to mention the last couple decades—over one group’s beliefs differing from another?

Unfortunately, we can find parallels of this dichotomy within our own fraternity, in the views we hold towards our fellow Brothers. Are we not all motivated by the same goals of enlightenment, the same obligations to help and support one another? And yet, we tend to focus on the small differences. We let the small things separate us, create social clicks within our fraternity, dividing up a brotherhood that should exist in one accord.

That is our struggle... to acknowledge within ourselves that those natural tendencies to focus on the differences exist, and then willfully subdue them, focusing instead upon those things which bind us together. In our never ending pursuit of enlightenment, as we struggle to become better men, we must rise above our instincts and find a touch of the divine in all of us, searching for that which allows us to look favorably upon others... and not just ourselves.

Worshipful Master


From the West

Hay fever season is now in full swing and we are getting a foretaste of the warmer weather to come.

I am writing this while peering at my computer through itchy, watery, bloodshot eyes, longing for the relief the full blast of summer will bring as it puts the plants back into hibernation until next year!

Vegas 32 is now fully into its stride for 2015 and off to a fine start. The active leadership of Worshipful Brother Bill and his ever ready willingness to coach along with a full plate of work keeps us on our toes and keeps the bar high concerning our standards of ritual.

As always I can’t wait for Friday night to roll around so I can enjoy the camaraderie of the brethren and escape, if only for a short while, the frenetic hurly-burly of the ever present demands of life!

Senior Warden


From the South

As the sun approaches its zenith, we are reminded of the blessings we are about to receive from the Great Architect of the Universe. So, we labor on His behalf and with His blessing for the benefit of our Brethren, our family, and our country.

And so we are looking forward to sharing with our Brothers in Downey, California, our fraternal bond. This trip is an opportunity for our wives and significant others to enjoy the activities that have been planned for them by their “sisters” in Downey, which usually includes a shopping excursion.

If you have not participated in this venture before, or you just want to get away for the weekend, sign up and join the fun. And you don’t have to do the driving!

Junior Warden


From the Secretary

Woe! Here we are in the month of May and where has the time gone? W. Bill has been doing a fine job and the officers are doing excellent work. We are almost down with the upgrades in the office concerning our credit card account, so by November you will be able to pay for your dues or lifetime membership via credit card or PayPal.

We are still having trouble with outdated addresses... please help me to help you stay informed with what’s happening in the Lodge. I can’t do this if I don’t have your correct address.

For those who have not paid their dues for 2014 or 2015, I will be sending out one last notice before I have to write to Grand Lodge for their assistance in collecting your dues. After that, anyone who has not paid their 2014-2015 dues will be spended in September. So please remit to avoid me having to do this. If you are having financial difficulty or have an illness that is preventing you from paying, it just takes one call to the office for help. I look forward to seeing you in Lodge!



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