- September 2015 -

Note: Dinners will be held at 6:30pm
BEFORE the meetings


August 3, Monday
     6:30PM - Masonic Discussion Group

August 28, Friday
     6:30PM - Family Barbeque

September 4, Friday
     7:30PM - Stated Meeting

September 7, Monday
     6:30PM - Masonic Discussion Group

September 11, Friday
     7:30PM - Entered Aprentice Degree

September 18, Friday
     7:30PM - Master Mason Degree

September 25, Friday
     6:30PM - Family Dinner

From the Officers – September 2015

From the East

As we come together to resume our labors once more, I find myself pondering the journey we travel as Masons. Speaking in the broadest of terms, the path of any true Mason should be one of enlightenment.

Through our fraternity, we are committed to supporting each other through friendship, and in times of need, with financial aid. That is our obligation to the group, thereby helping the group become stronger, better. However, we also have an obligation to improving ourselves; to making ourselves stronger and better.

“Taking good men and making them better.” I’ve heard the phrase since I was a newly initiated Entered Apprentice, but the words ring just as true for me now as they did then. When we rise from that alter for the first time, we are taking our first steps one that road to improvement, knowing not where it will take us, but trusting that we will be better men by following that path. Each day we keep walking, our eyes on the horizon, trying to reach that final destination called Perfection, while instinctively knowing that we’ll never get there.

But it’s the journey... the struggle... the never ending pursuit of improving ourselves which makes us better men. We know we’ll never obtain perfection... but we also know that each day we can be better than we were the day before.

I walk that road... my eyes on the horizon... ever striving to be a better person. There are times my feet stumble upon some unknown obstacle, but that doesn’t stop me. I learn from the experience, preparing myself to better avoid those obstacles in the future, and if I’m lucky, sharing that knowledge with my fellow travelers so they might avoid them as well.

For you see, by improving ourselves, we improve the Fraternity. We are all one part of a greater whole, and by bringing ourselves closer to enlightenment, we bring a little more light to Masonry, and hopefully, the world.

Worshipful Master


From the West

The summer solstice has come and gone while we were on our break, which means that the warm weather is waning... although it sure doen't feel like it!

With the equinox approaching that means it's time to get back to work for Vegas 32!

I’m pretty sure WM Bill has a full schedule to keep us busy through the remainder of 2015.

I am really looking forward to seeing everyone again and enjoying our fabulous camaraderie we all share among the brethren at #32.

In addition to our regular work we have the BBQ looming, always a great day for family and friends to get together.

Senior Warden


From the South

Welcom eback to the opportunity to labor for the Craft after what is hoped was a pleasant andrefreshing Summer vacation.

What is “laboring for the Craft?” Why do we do this kind of work? What are the benefits, either expected or implied? What are the payoffs? And should there be payoffs expected or implied? Or does Masonry simply offer an opportunity to serve our Brothers and our fellowman for the mere pleasure of doing so, using our resources to improve the human condition however we can (even anonymously) with no expectation of payoff or payback whatsoever?

These questions are answered, in part, in our second degree obligations and later in the trowel lecture in the third degree where we are reminded that the opportunity to serve is based on who can best work and best agree — an opportunity to further serve Masonry and mankind. Why do we labor for the Craft?

Junior Warden


From the Secretary

Welcome back to the quarries! I hope everyone had a safe and great Summer. Well, we still have a lot of work to accomplish before we change officer’s. We are still trying to get all of the things in the office up to date so we can run a little more efficiently. As always, if you have any questions please feel free to ask...



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