- November 2014 -

November 3, Monday
     6:30PM - Masonic Discussion Group
     - The explanation of the Cable Tow

November 7, Monday
     7:30PM - Stated Meeting

November 8, Saturday
     8:30AM - Super Saturday - MM Degrees

November 14, Friday
     7:30PM - Entered Apprentice Degree

November 21, Friday
     7:30PM - Fellowcraft Degree

November 22, Saturday
     Vegas Lodge 32's
     Woman's Appreciation Dinner
     5:30PM - Social Hour
     6:30PM - Dinner

November 28, Friday

     9:00AM - Breakfast Club
     Vegas #32 Members Only

- December 2014 -

December 5, Friday
     7:30PM - Stated Meeting - Elections

December 8, Monday
     6:30PM - Masonic Discussion Group

December 12, Friday
     7:00PM - Installation - Dinner to follow

December 19, Friday
     6:30PM - Family Dinner/Christmas Party

December 26, Friday

From the Officers – November 2014

From the East

Where did the time go? It’s hard to believe that November is here and our Masonic year is in the home stretch.

It has been my great honor to serve the Lodge this year and I’d like to take a minute to thank some of the people who have made the year such a pleasure. I’d like to thank the guys in the kitchen who did such a great job on our meals this year. Peter. Dave, Ed, Mike, Sareh and all the rest who pitched in. The trustees, Jerry and Harry for giving us the OK to move forward with the dining room remodel. To Mitch, Bill, Dan and Dean who sacrificed so much time on the project. To
all of the brothers who put in hours doing painting and sweeping and woodworking. All of the officers for their stellar work on the ritual. Our secretary Mark who helped me immensely with organizing everything. To Eugene for his fashion sense. To Sammy for counting the beans. To all of the brothers for their participation this year. It’s been a busy and full year and I appreciate the attendance at our events and functions.

I will remember this year for the rest of my days and it will be bitter sweet to hand over the reins. It will be nice to have some time to do the things that have been on hold for awhile and to reintroduce myself to Mrs. Barone, who I have to thank the most. With all of my Masonic obligations this year she has really been a trooper. Thanks to all for a successful year for Vegas 32!

Worshipful Master


From the West

Atime of thanks giving. Or, to put it more colloquially, a time to give thanks. The holidays are quickly approaching, and for most of us that means spending time with cherished family and friends, recounting stories of past glories and hopefully making some new memories to be remembered in the years to come.

I so enjoy this time of year. The holiday fills me with nostalgic feelings and memories from my youth; spending time at my grandparents with my cousins, frolicking in the snow, tobogganing down the snow covered hills, and just that general sense of happiness and anticipation.

Now that I’m older, I find myself marveling at the thought that I’m going to be the grandparent before long (although I’m in no hurry, I assure you). Still, that thought fills me with a similar sense of happiness and anticipation that I felt as a child. It is by no means the same, but very much akin to those warm feelings experienced in my youth.

I think it feels so similar because they are all tied together through that feeling of affection we feel towards family, and in many cases, our close friends. That feeling of belonging... of acceptance... of being needed and loved. It’s one of the greatest feelings in life.

So, during this holiday season which is traditionally dedicated to being thankful, please remember to take a moment to be thankful to all of those around you who help to make you feel accepted... needed... loved, whether it be your family... your friends... or your brothers.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Senior Warden


From the South

October saw a succession of third degrees as we raised all eligible FC’s so we can enter 2015 unencumbered by a backlog.

The last Friday of October fell on the 31st and so we ended October with a fun Halloween themed family dinner.

Other than our regular degree work, the highlight of November will be the Ladies Appreciation Dinner on Saturday 22nd. Mitch is quarterbacking this elegant, full service, sit-down dinner and if his preliminary planning is anything to go by, it should be a stellar event. If I could be so bold as to suggest, perhaps even eclipsing the recent GL dinner!

Of course, Vegas 32 is footing the bill for this appreciation dinner so it’s limited to ALL V32 members and their significant others, past and present. If you are a widower or widow of a deceased Lodge member, you are most especially welcome to come join us! Please no children, we wish to honor those ladies who have made our service to the Lodge possible. Note: If you would like to attend and have issues with transportation, call the office to let us know and we will make arrangements for your transportation each way.

We have been doing some upgrades in the kitchen and our new dishwasher should be installed and fully functional in time for the wives appreciation dinner, which will definitely put it to the test.

My thanks again to the guys who turn up week after week making the evening meals possible as they consistently put in the necessary work required to make the magic happen.

I’m sure there are still some members who have not yet seen the refurbished dining room, if nothing else please plan on attending the appreciation dinner on the 22nd and come and enjoy the full measure of your new facility. Please note: There is a sign-up sheet for the dinner so we can get a head- count, so come and sign in or call the office, speak with Mark or Sam and make sure you’re included.


Junior Warden


From the Secretary

Here it is November, and I’m wondering where has the time gone? It’s that time of the year that our Grand Lodge will meet for its Annual Communication. This is a great opportunity for all Masons of Nevada and those visiting out of state to get together and share fellowship, a time to see old friends and a time to make new friends. I encourage each and everyone of you to attend these sessions if possible.

It’s also that time of year when we begin our holiday season! I for one love Thanksgiving as I am thankul for all of the bounties that have been bestowed upon me by our Supreme Grand Master. I feel very fortunate and blessed to be able to live in this great country of ours and to have the freedoms that we do. So, from myself and the office staff I want to wish you all a Happy & Safe Thanksgiving and blessings to you and your families!



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